Internship Experience

Nayan Sethi
2 min readNov 30, 2022


It has been roughly two months, since my first day at Climate Connect Digital, and the journey so far has been more than just eventful. This blog is going to shed some light on this experience, with some emphasis on life outside work. Let me introduce the company first.

Logo of Climate Connect Digital

Climate Connect Digital is working towards empowering enterprises to drive their net-zero ambitions, by providing a digitally-integrated decarbonization-as-a-service solution. It was founded in 2010 and was acquired by ReNew Power in 2020.

Climate action is taking center stage as companies are moving towards a Net Zero world, to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Climate Connect Digital is at the forefront of this Net Zero transition. They are working on various products to help reach their goals and you can find more about them here.

Now coming back to my work experience, I have been working as a backend intern. My first three weeks went into Onboarding and UpSkilling. The onboarding sessions which we here referred to as Onboarding Omnibus was a 5 day programme designed to familiarise us with the company, the people, and the products. The sessions were really interactive and insightful. During my upskilling time, I was given a list of resources to help me familiarize myself with the tech stacks so there are no roadblocks further working on the products.

Following the onboarding and upskilling I was assigned to the Labs Team under Mr. Anish Chakravarthy. The work is really interesting and I got to learn new technologies and libraries. My team has been really helpful and an absolute delight to work with and we have been working on creating templates and processes to make product development faster and more organized. I have been working on creating, testing, and documenting backend services.

The work culture is exemplary as everyone is very proactive and transparent with communication and feedback. Work hours are flexible, and every senior is very understanding, professional, and open to feedback. This opportunity had a more holistic approach to development as not only did it help me grow professionally, but it also made me more independent.

Climate Connect Digital is working towards the Net Zero Goal which would help pause global warming. I am glad to get to work toward something which would have a huge impact on society and also grow in the process.