Immuno Block

Nayan Sethi
3 min readNov 18, 2020



The sooner our lives get normal, the faster the economic recovery. Quarantine is saving lives, but at what cost? The economy of the country is affecting. Also, some people are paranoid to work in a health care institution or allowing people in their shops because they could get infected. This slows down economic recovery even further. Many vaccines are in the final stage of testing and we are hoping soon there will be a vaccine. When vaccines arrive people, who have been vaccinated are safe to return to work or school. But how can a person prove its immunity? Paper certificates could do the job, but at the same time could be forged. Therefore, there is a need for a tamper-proof vaccination certificate.

Our Solution

We are providing a platform for people where they can show their proof of immunity from the SARS-CoV-2(Corona) virus. We implemented it using Blockchain as it is more secure and authentic proof than any other paper-based or database system. In our platform, there will be registered hospitals and diagnostic labs that will store user ID(e.g. -Aadhar or any other identity proof) along with his vaccine details( vaccine number, date when the vaccine was given, region) in a blockchain and then return a QR-code. On scanning the QR code another person can see the user’s vaccine details and then can verify it by seeing the user’s ID. The user can easily verify his immunity by just showing his ID.

Our platform can be used by many organizations. Companies operating in offices, schools, universities, restaurants are just an example of some sectors which can verify their customers, employee, or students and check if they are immune or not and whether they can return or not. It can also be used by the government for better distribution of vaccines, helping people develop herd immunity, tracking immune people, implementing a safe environment. It can be used by everyone to provide proof of immunity from the virus.

How we built it

Our project is made using react hence making it responsive, easily accessible from any platform, and also reducing the load times. We used a QR code generator and scanner to make it easier for the user to check the immunity and verify the certificate. We used formik to create forms and react-router-dom to connect the views to the app. We built smart contracts in solidity and deployed them on a test ethereum blockchain using remix IDE. It is faster, easier to access, and secure.

What we learned

While making this project we learned about upcoming technologies like blockchain and web apps. We got to know about the latest trends in technology which would be helpful for our future as a computer science graduate.

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